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It is an operation very as complex as technologies are complex to tell and describe a town about with multimedia contents which are based on the virtual place yield realize it.
Criticisms moved in this field see the new technologies as cause of an impoverishment of the real perception in favour of the virtual one and one always growing experience dematerialization as peak of a civilization based on the image.
 These criticisms, if also he shared in their intents, do not have to be however turned towards the means as in the use which he does himself.
The example we take back here shows as the virtual rebuilding helps us in investigating history of a upset urban to fabric during history, and understand better his current value.
 In 1540 local and international events push the Santa Sede of business from a side to a political and administrative centralization towards the constitution of a state modern and the other one to a control more closed than the territory, also in reply to the Turkish threat.
It suffer the situation the old autonomy of the town council and the most rich area of Perugia, Colle Landone, where Paolo III Farnese calls Antonio da Sangallo the Young to build a fortress.
 Luckily the big architect englobes big part of Colle Landone reusing it in the fortress and also matters with scienific method the leaves destined to the demolition.
 These drawings, preserved still today in the Galleria degli uffizi (Firenze), have today allowed the topographical and volumetric rebuilding of big part of the medieval quarter had to be lost for ever as material entity but perfectly rebuilt as virtual reality.Joined the achitettonic and topographical technical job to the historical search has allowed to give back to the memory of the ancient destinations of use and the property reconstructing the social and economic life of Colle Landone. In three years of lock outs and complex political vicissitudes the Rocca Paolina can tells essentially completed.
The ancient quarter of Colle Landone or becomes part of the basements or its ruins go to construct earthwork in the ditches. The fortification of Paul III turns out composed from one main body said "cittadella" and a low work to tenaglia supported to the town-walls external building, in order to concur the exit of the eventual besiegers, but also in order to allow the income of aids from the outside in case of inner revolts to the city. In effects, vanished the Turkish threat, the fortress paolina will turn out more one medieval fortress for a police garrison who one true renaissance fortification.

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